Facebook worth $8 Billion Dollars?

Just saw this on TechCrunch, its from Bloomberg and its more speculation and rumours on the company everyone loves to bet on Facebook. There's been offers of $1 billion, people been saying $1.5 billion and more, etc but some people think its worth $8 billion. Obviously they're on some sort of crack (not serious) but here's the quote:

"Started in 2004 by Harvard University student Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is now one of the fastest growing sites on the Web. Thiel, 39, says the site's college-aged users make it worth $8 billion or more, as much as Viacom Inc.'s MTV music video channel."

They think $8 billion is a $8 billion is a low estimate, are they nuts or is Social Networking really stepping up and becoming a legitimate form of media? Speak your thoughts.


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