Foonz, a free service for conference calling

I've seen this great new idea for conference calling that makes it actually practical to call people tough to reach together for a meeting. It's called Foonz and it has a lot of promise. For example before if you've ever needed to discuss a proposal or a meeting with a group of people and you knew some of those people weren't in front of a computer you knew you would be in for some trouble. Now with Foonz, a free service to call groups, you can do this easily from anywhere for free. Now you can do what large companies have done for decades already, but weren't able to do yourself.

Here's some great points about Foonz that might get you more interested.

1) Foonz is able to be used by any phone, it's not a program on your phone
2) It's free to use Foonz, only your normal usage phone minutes will apply, aka your daytime minutes on your cell phone, etc. There's no addtional fees, no advertising, and they don't sell information to others
3) You can use Foonz at anytime, no need to preplan or etc, since people get invited to your group call via a text message to their cell phone or an IM message on their IM of choice.

Foonz is really use to use. Once you've created a free account you create a contact list of people to call. You then get a number to call foonz and with that number you call foonz to start a group call. Foonz then gives you instructions on starting the group call and sends messages to all your contacts inviting them to join the group call and gives them a number. And if they can't join the call right away you can leave messages for these contacts.

Foonz sounds like a great way to get around a meeting or a study group. Since anyone can do this at anytime, it's a pretty good idea. I'm surprised people haven't really thought about it earlier, would be much easier for my club (Athletic Training Students Club) to meet up instead of scheduling meetings. There's tons of uses for it but that's up for you to figure out.

Check them out and Sign up for free at the foonz web site. Can't hurt and you'll never know when you need to call that important group of people.


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