Good times at home

I feel as if I've been giving a little less love to the blog since I've been here in Montreal this last week and a half. It's like I'm seeing all my friends I've neglected all the nice news on Digg, or speaking about more Technical sites or Computing news period.

On a good note I did get some Satellite for my parents, since we're in Canada I got them Bell ExpressVu, it's not too bad since we're getting the equipment and installation for free and 50% off for the first 6 months, and I'm getting a second receiver for my brother so he can watch TV too.

Apart from that things are good, just relaxing here, I'll try to post more and let you guys know what's up once life stops being crazy.

Till then ciao,


Posted bySteve at 8:09 PM


Anonymous said... 2:03 PM  

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