New Years is coming soon, do you have a resolution?

When I was with my friends last night they were all talking about what they were going to do for New Years and it had me thinking, do I have any New Years resolutions yet? (Btw I'm spending New Years at a club with some close friends and an open bar, haha) I think it's always good to have some goal or something you want to achieve, and making it come true is always something nice. Last year I achieved my goal of finding a decent girlfriend (even if I broke up with her, lol) so that's the first time I accomplished one of the goals that I remembered.

This year however I'm going to do it different, and I'm going to broadcast my New Year's resolutions for you guys here, on the blog. There's a site called which advertises your resolutions to the entire world. My first one is HERE, and it's to break 4:00 in the mile this year, I'm 20 seconds off but I want to aim high so I can really work at it. It's cool since they show your goal on the front page, mine is 601102, you need to complete a quick 1 min survey tho, but once you're finished it's all good. Hopefully posting it up here will help me maintain the goal, which is always good motivation.

Here's a pic from their site, hope it helps you, or at least make you laugh, lol

What are your resolutions? Anything yet or you going to wait till New Years? Lemme know,


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