I'm alive, just barely

I'm nearly 100% done with the semester. I don't have any classes or major papers to hand in but once I give in my End of Semester folder with all my evaluations, injury reports and random things for my clinical class I AM DONE. It's been crazy last couple of days with school, 10 pages papers and all.

On Tuesday night I stay up the WHOLE night writing my paper, yes I started at 10:30pm from my job, went home at 12, then continued writing on only Red Bull and munchies until 7:45am. However I wrote my 15 page paper (came out to be 16) and managed to live another day.

My friends are coming down Friday night to grab me and get me home, so I'm looking forward to that and I'm happy, however I still gotta go to work and finish that folder.

More news later, I've been trying the TVUPlayer at work, it's been crappy on my network, anyone else try it?


Posted bySteve at 3:28 PM


Jules said... 11:30 PM  

Congratulations on being finished! Red Bull is a good thing :)

Steve said... 1:50 PM  

it really is :) wait a minute it's banned by the NCAA, lol, oh well, haha

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