Next Gen DVD formats and players guide

Most people here have vaguely heard of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD but most people do not have a clue between the differences between the two. Mainly Blu-Ray has been championned by Sony, it's in the PS3, and it has a larger amount of media companies behind it and the discs can hold more data (50gb on a DUAL-Layer Disc) where the HD-DVD camp, lead by Hitachi, have the support of Microsoft and Intel among others, and is cheaper to make and has Xbox360 support as well.

Ok that's good but what about the stand alone players? Well this Next Gen DVD Recorders and Players Guide can help you with that, with info on theSamsung Blu-Ray Disc Player (I've watched movies on this at the Samsung Experience in NYC) and Sony's Blu-Ray players, which many predict to win the format war. Either way getting some nice HD quality movies in your home is definetly worth it so check it out.


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