Michael Arrington and TechCrunch

Obviously the big fish don't look out for the little guy anymore, as seen by constant bashing of Payperpost and now rockstartup.com by TechCrunch and their leader Mike Arrington.

If you've read the post HERE on TechCrunch.com about him bashing RockStartUp you'll see that he doesn't care about the little guy who can't make money off Adsense to pay for his blog. It's good an all that they do articles on things they aren't paid for but if a product deserves merit and needs some attention why can't I get paid to review it? He has this issue with Disclosure, which I have met with my Disclosure Policy and the readers of my blog know that I sometimes review stuff for payperpost but honestly I think Payperpost has made my blog much better than it was before. It's given me content, a will to write and it's made me some money on the side. Not all bloggers have large followings and can afford their own hosting Mike, sorry. I'm glad with my little community, my posts and the feedback I get from people and customers alike.

If I don't represent the blogging minority in this well too bad, and I hope Payperpost goes on to be a multi-million dollar company in order to prove a bunch of people wrong and make all the people who follow along in the process some money as well.

Alright I've said my piece, he can do whatever with his Blog, I'll do what I want with mine, and enjoy it.


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