As usual, Vista cracked, illegal KMS servers on the Internet, but Microsoft will still laugh

I saw this blog post on Digg, from Josh's blog at, where there is news of Chinese KMS servers popping up to authenticate Windows Vista so that they can get updates and etc from Windows Genuine Advantage sites/programs. It's normal that Vista will get cracked, but unusual for people to setup servers to authenticate the keys that have been leaked already.

However good old Redmond might be the last laugh, since Microsoft forces people no matter what license to authenticate every 180 days if they want the neat features like Aero and etc, so you can have a crippled version, which maybe be fine for the crackers, but the mom's and dad's that have a fake copy install by their sons might not work.

I think it's good for MS, bad for me since I can't remember the last time I was forced to buy a Microsoft operating system, but if they're getting smarter I think it's about time.

You can read the full article from WindowsConnected HERE and post your thoughts on the whole thing.


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