Notice the new button on the side? It's Payperpost's Affiliate Program

Yep the folks at Payperpost have done it again. Back in the day when you brought people into Payperpost you had to give them your email address manually and they had to input it when filling out the form. That could earn you 5$. Now everything's changed. They a nice script setup, and a nice big button for your sidebar so that you can send EVERYONE on your blog to Payperpost so that they can get their fair share of the paid postings I do. Who wouldn't want to blog for money? It's great because I get to meet new people, learn about new products and sites, promote a great company with awesome employees and best of all I get paid to do it. Honestly you can't go wrong.

Now if you don't click on the big box on the side when you sign up I won't get 15 dollars, so help out this poor college athlete and show him some love :)

Just in case you ppl are lazy, here's the BIG BOX again, come on sign up!



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