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Ok I may be a little late on the news but to those who haven't heard it Payperpost, the guys who pay you blog about the things you love (yes I love the motto) has acquired certain assets of Taking a quote from the press release, they picked up "Performancing Metrics, the leading, free blog analytics service, and Performancing Exchange, an online "classifieds" for bloggers." You can easily read the whole thing at the PPP Blog since there's no point repeating info most of you already know through places like TechCrunch have already spread the world pretty well.

I've used the Metrics part of for a couple of days since I wanted to see how much it differed between those results and the results of the MyBlogLog logging option that I have on my sidebar. I have the sidebar widget for the visitors so that they feel cool since I enjoy seeing myself visit other blogs and not just being a number or IP address and the site statistics were a nice bonus. After using Performancing Metrics I'd have to say it does a much better job doing that, but the MyBlogLog wasn't complete since I didn't pay for it. Metrics has everything I need right now for looking at stats, like I had 1 dutch visitor yesterday, which is interesting lol. However I'd like to see some nice integration or maybe some nice special options for PPP users since they've acquired this technology. The one thing I DON'T want is for PPP to allow advertisers to require a certain amount of visitors per blog or post or any of that sort of thing. That would just kind PPP and eliminate the little guy from doing any sort of blog advertising.

I haven't heard much of Performancing Exchange, but with Payperpost and their team of great guys I'm sure they'll help us use it and open it up for everyone. Anyone used it yet? Post your thoughts on all this.



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