Random 1am Post : Saddam, HDTV's and Fifa'06

Yep just got finished playing a marathon of Fifa'06 with my friend Carter, man that's a great game, and we're nearly the same skill wise now so it's pretty interesting who can pull it off and etc. It sure beats spending money doing nothing on a Friday night, lol.

By now everyone's heard that Saddam will be executed and there's been confirmation that the deed had indeed been done a few hours ago. There's various news reports but I was pointed out on Digg to the Wikipedia Page on Saddam's death, it's really interesting to see it changing every 5-10 mins. I have my personal views on the whole war but Saddam was a bad man and probably got what was coming to him.

Lastly before I head out here's a nice comparison of 1080i to 1080p, which may confuse some people. I won't spill the beans of the article but if you're looking into HDTV it's worth a look. Check out the link HERE

Alright I'm off to relax,


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