Procrastination part 2 - Aftermath of the Christmas Party

It's been a pretty long friday for me, and the day isn't over yet. Yesterday was my Christmas party at my internship, for which I might get a job after, so I went out, and drank my fair share. I managed to stumble out of bed, go to my internship, then go to track practice afterwards, and somehow I'm here now working on my paper.

I got 2 10 page papers, which may not seem much for you professional paper writers out there but for someone who works with their hands and studies all day it's a bit much. I'm cranking out the easier paper pretty easily, nearly a third of the way done in a hour, which is pretty good, but while working on the paper, I came to a realization. I realized it's amazing what deadlines will do to you. There have been many other times when I could've done this over the past week, where I felt better, wasn't nearly as tired, yet, I didn't get this started until today. That's pretty sad.

Anyways you guys REALLY have to read this post about me at Colleen's main blog at She actually wrote a post starting, Meet Hawtness. She used the word hawt so she gets mad points in my book, and she definetly makes me feel better after not talking to that pretty girl last night at the Christmas party. I was a loser and chilled/danced with all my friends, no one new, lol. I think you/Mimi are pretty too, and you 2 Cass :). Thanks to all the ladies on the PPP forums for making me feel a bit better, lol.

Alright back to the paper in a bit,


Posted bySteve at 10:13 PM


Colleen said... 11:19 PM  

Whoohoo! Some college boy thinks I'm pretty...

(scoring big points with the 30 year old ladies in the hizouse Steven!)

Steve said... 1:15 PM  

hahahaha gotta make sure not to offend "The Man", lol

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