Protecting kids from the wrong people on MySpace can be done without removing them from MySpace

I spoke earlier today about Keyloggers and how they were used for good now and to go a little further about that I'm going to speak about some MySpace safety. Most parents know that they're kids have MySpace and can't really monitor what they're doing unless they remove or block access to the site, which can lead to the kid visiting from places you cannot control. There's software that can record general keystrokes, go through logs but unless they block the site they don't really know what's going on when they aren't around. Especially when looking at myspace chat there's no way to record the conversation, well until now. SpectorSoft has released software called Spector Pro which can record what their kids are doing on MySpace, from top to bottom. Who they've got on their friend list, view their messages, view the comments, pretty much everything. This is great to make sure that their kids are doing what they're supposed to do and not talking to the wrong type of people, if you know what I mean. It's there to protect kids, not spy on them, and with software like this, protecting kids can be a much easier thing to do on popular places like MySpace.



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