Speculation on PS4

PS3 is barely out in stores and already people are calling for the downfall of the PS4 for Sony. Most people know that the pioneer of the PS3, Ken Kutaragi, was removed as president from Sony's head of entertainment, which is basically the head of Playstation, and replaced by Kaz Hirai, the head of the US division. What this analyst shows is that Microsoft can afford to sell an Xbox360 for 50$ and make the same amount of loss as a PS3, which is pretty interesting, and unless Sony start's really smoothing relationships with publishers they're going to become like Sega, a software company.

Pretty strong claims from the article at BoomTown HERE. What do you think? Can the PS3 survive and flourish enough for a PS4? Time will tell I guess but I don't think a PS4 can take such losses like this again.

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