Ever wondered how much your house is worth? Find out Online at Eppraisal.com

I think this is pretty interesting that you can now find out how much you house, your neighbor's houses, etc, are worth online. They just take your address, find out if it's there, show you a map using Microsoft Virtual Earth, and show you how much houses are worth in your area. I did the place I lived in this summer and they gave me the price range and the square footage of the property, not too shabby. Epprasal.com has a database of over 70 million homes, that's pretty impressive since you can do a property appraisal for pretty much any home in the US. If you register you'll get all that and more detailed statistics for free, which is pretty good news and get thing to do if you're looking for homes in specific areas.

I did some of my friends areas just for fun and all but one showed up, which is pretty cool. If you're looking at house values or just want to know how much yours is worth check out Eppraisal.com.



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