Want to share a presentation or portfolio, try filmator.net

Everyone on the internet knows about YouTube and Flickr and all the content sites where users get to upload their content and share it with everyone around the world. But imagine being able to share everything in one page or presentation at the proper sequence and with the right music or sounds. Seems like a cool idea that wasn't possible until now, with the introduction of Filmator.net's online presentation software which allows you to do all this for free. Filmators, as the users are called, upload their pictures, videos, Flash films, and sounds then simply organize the images to play in sequence according to trigger points they set in the sound file.

I shouldn't call it software since it's all online and Filmator.net makes it possible to create online presentations very quickly for free. Yep it's free for personal users, business or commercial users may get charged however, but it's a great way to reach a truly global audience without having a lot of knowledge or technical skills to do this. Ask any AV guy and they'll say it's not easy but Filmator takes all the difficult of piecing together a clip when you can do it yourself much more easily. Then all you have to do is embed it on your site, kind of like YouTube. Here's an example of a museum in southern France (being French and all it spiked my interest)

Pretty good tool isn't it, definitely seems like another option other than YouTube when trying to share a presentation online. I may not be big into the content producing part of networks like YouTube but I think this a great tool, especially for presentations, and that you should check it out. The URL again is http://filmator.net



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