When's the last time you visited the PayPerPost Blog?

Most of you guys in the Blogosphere have a couple of blogs you read daily, some you read once in a while and some you have on RSS since you want to know every new post as it comes up. One of those Blogs I have on RSS is definetly the PayPerPost Blog. It is the site for news, funny videos like the Antonio video I posted before, updates on what's going on and what's more.

Payperpost is for those who write blogs and would like to get paid to write about cool stuff. Can't really go wrong with that, and it's great fun. Ask anyone at the forums if you don't believe me at Boards.Payperpost.com and tell them you sent me, don't worry they know who I am, and we love having new people enter our community and posting, so come join us.

(Don't forget to click on the big box 2 posts down if you're interested, help me out!)


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