Blog Review 4 - Digi-Cass

Everyone has something that they want to get better at or are interested in, well for another one of my good old PPP friends that subject is Photograhpy. Her new Photography blog, Digi-Cass is going to chronicle her experiences learning to how to take better pictures, writing up guides or other info, and showing pictures.

This is a quote from her first post, pretty great way to start off a blog.

"So unimpressed that I could just sleep through my own photographs. Not good. Photography has fascinated me since I first saw pictures, and I took my one and only class in middle school. As a home-schooler, I firmly believe in the ability to self-educate, and that’s just what I plan to do"

She's already off to getting a new camera HERE and posting about Free Photography Guides from HP so she's off to a good start. Go check it out and see how you like it! Btw Cass is sick right now so go send her some love, no one likes being sick.


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