Boise, Idaho, ever been?

Over the holidays I was talking to one of my old track buddies who went to Boise State, all the way up in Idaho. He got a full-ride like me and was back for the holidays to visit family and friends. I've personally never been to Idaho, much less the west coast, but after talking to my friend for a while I'm getting pretty intrigued about the place. He's lived there for 4 years so he knows what's going on there and seen the changes. He says Boise is booming, the quality of life is great and people are starting to move down there.

Before you start looking into some Boise homes maybe I should give you some info about Boise that I find interesting. It's been ranked in the top 5 for many categories, which you can check out in About Boise. And another great thing he pointed out since I'm French-Canadian is that the City of Boise is founded by French-Canadian trappers. Boise means "woods" in french btw, you can check the link to read about the history of Boise. They also got some cool activities and some great shopping malls for the girls so you can't go wrong when looking there to live. I'm going to check out more of Boise when I finish in May, might be another option to check out.

Enjoy the mini lesson on Boise,


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