Ok, I give in, I want a PS3

Yea I've been spending my first day full day in NYC taking care of business, you know, going to work, going to practice, talking to my other boss for my library job. Basic bs that everyone has to attend to.

I've been thinking over the holidays of what my next big purchase is going to be. I have my cell phone, got everything I needed/wanted for Christmas (more later on that, I promise) and am pretty happy. Guess I just need something to look forward to getting. I wanted a next-gen console since Xbox360's been out and I was looking into getting a 360 but I realize how many PS2 games I still have and still actively play. So instead of buying both a ps2 and a 360 I might as well go PS3 and knock both out.

Yea I'm still not 100% but I'm really looking into it, what you guys think? what next-gen console you want? ps3, xbox360 or wii? Post your thoughts.


Posted bySteve at 3:33 PM


Drew said... 6:35 AM  

I'll be getting the Wii. I am just a sucker for old school Nintendo and so is my wife.

Steve said... 10:20 PM  

haha good choice. I played it over the break, it's fun and addicting, but it's not for me, maybe as a second system depending on games.


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