The COLTS won! (so did Arsenal)

I'm taking another unscheduled break to report the results of the great football game between the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots. The Patriots, with their man Tom Brady at the helm, could not pull another comeback victory with a minute left, and lost to the Cots 38-34.

Honestly it was one of the best football games I had ever seen, with a lot of lead changes, tough defense, great football and an entertaining match. I'm sure most of you guys were watching it, and I'm wondering what your reactions were? Happy that Tom Brady lost that aura of invincibility? or that the Patriots just got beat by a better team on that day? Discuss

Btw, for the non-American readers of my Blog, Arsenal managed to beat Manchester United during FA Premier League action today, 2-1 on 2 late goals by Robin Van Persie and Thierry Henry, it was beautiful. I couldn't watch the game because I was at work but it's amazing that even with all the misfortune that Arsenal can beat the Premiership leaders. Way to go guys!

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Sportingo said... 4:14 AM  

Greetings -- I would like to speak with you about publishing some articles on sports.

Suicidalsam™ said... 5:20 PM  

man i did not know ppl in US watch football(i mean soccer)lol Arsenal beat man u and they deserved it.But today Arsenal drew with bolton in the fa cup fourth round.

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