Quiet Saturday night? Why not play some poker?

Let's say its a Saturday night, and all you want to do is simply relax and play some poker with real people. Unfortunately you're friends are out or busy with their girlfriends/wifes and can't play with you. That's when you should turn to
PokerDIY - A free service to find LIVE poker games. Yep they offer a nice FREE service that allows you to search for live games around your area. You can even create mailing lists, inviting users/friends, make RSVP's, or manage a poker league and keep track of things. Great ressource for those poker fanatics. Also as another incentive they have the PokerDIY Freerool for members where you can win some real prize money and a place on their PokerDIY League Scoreboard. I think that's pretty awesome, too bad I'm too tired to look for any games tonight.

Remember PokerDIY when looking for a local game, the URL again is http://www.pokerDIY.com



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