Customized Poker Chips

Last night I played poker with my boss from work, the owner of the clinic, and a couple of other guys I work with over at one of the guys house. He has a nice setup for poker, with a table top setup specifically for card games, lots of chairs, food, drinks and least of all some fancy poker chips. These chips were really nice since they had his initials on each chip. There's not many places that can do that, but has customized Clay Poker Chips and table tops so that you can make your own personal private setup. Great for intimidation of your opponents when they see your name on each chip, like you own that chip, and own the pot. Check them out and see if you can get your own chips, can't go wrong with poker, right?


Posted bySteve at 2:33 PM


JoeBlogs said... 2:41 PM  

Might give a slight psychological advantage.

Steve said... 8:50 PM  

True, I just like them for the "oooo" factor that comes when you bring them out. I couldn't believe my friend actually had some customized chips, lol.


Anonymous said... 2:53 AM  

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