Fight the power! New York Teen sues the RIAA!

Keeping with the music news (well Zunes play music) I read a story earlier before I left for practice and came back to see it being the most popular story on it. It's about a Kid in New York suing the RIAA. I don't link to the comments or digg article since I like having the source but the discussion on Digg brings a lot of good points.

For instance, many of the times that the RIAA has met any opposition in courts, they've either backed off or offered to settle. As well they pick on small, inidvidiuals or families, they never pick on rich people, businesses or corporations. They also have little evidence, can't prove you're sharing if you're on a Wireless network, etc. Very nice comments (which is impressive for Digg).

I'll let you guys read, but as usual, post your thoughts and comments.


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