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Since I live in Brooklyn hip-hop is universal, I mean I see it and hear it every day. Well it's about time that the internet caught up with the scene thanks to It is the first Hip Hop Social Networks out, and to celebrate it there's having a battle tournament (a battle is two rappers squaring off to see who's got the best lyrics, I'm being general for the non-hip hop crowd) and the celebrity judge is Damon Dash of Roc-A-Fella Records, along with a $500 first place prize.

Here's some rules for the battle:

Battle Tournament: This is an audio battle tournament. The winner will become the Goldmic Audio Champion.

Judging: First 3 rounds decided by community voting. Semifinal and final rounds decided by celebrity judge Damon Dash.

Prize: 1st Place: $500 and a pair of Pro Keds sneakers
2nd Place: Goldmic prize pack ($200 value)

Dates: First round audios will be posted on January 19, 2007.

Tournament Rules:

I'm not a rapper or anything like myself but I enjoy hip-hop and go to shows and have friends that rhyme or battle. I'd check out the site if you like hip-hop/rap and if you can battle then it's worth it for the money and the fame, who knows maybe even Damon Dash might be impressed enough to sign you, like Jin.

Anyways check it out and lemme know what you think,


Posted bySteve at 2:44 AM


Clyde Smith said... 4:35 AM  

Goldmic's stealing full posts off my site without any kind of permission.


Clyde Smith said... 10:41 PM  

Goldmic addressed my issues and it's all good going forward.

Sorry about the slam.

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