Race didn't go great, but could've been worse and Random News

Yea it's 2:30 AM and I jsut got back from the race at the Armory. I had the mile and the Distance Medley Relay if you recall, and I ran a 4:30 for the mile and a 4:32 for the mile leg of the DMR, which means I pretty much ran the same time.

Afterwards we ate some papa john's with the boys and played Nintendo Wii, it's a fun console to play with people, but I wonder about its long-term appeal.

As well, here's a nice interesting post from the TechEBlog, on what to do with those old CDs. I love that giant sphere, but the other suggestions are pretty cool too, what do you guys do with yours? Me I just put them away until they get old and toss them, I'm a pack rat, lol.

Alright off to bed in a bit,


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