I'm tired of these long Mondays!

Yea Mondays are the worst for me, I'm litterally non-stop from 7am until 8pm, so by the time I get home I'm pretty much done. Oh yea, you guys want some news don't you?

Well the most interesting thing I've found today was this picture of a comet on Flickr. It's McNaughts Comet in Australia, it's a really beautiful shot under some trees overlooking a lake. I don't want to steal the author's thunder so I'll just have you guys click there yourselves.

Other interesting news is that Sony's profits may be down 50% due to poor PS3 sales, which shouldn't help Sony in its cause. Also a piece from Gizmodo on the new 120hz HDTV's that are going to be coming out soon, which promise to help improve image quality drastically by dealing with the 24fps limit placed on movies. Interesting read.

Alright enough for now, more later as I find it, btw I'll have some Vista coverage tomorrow, so stay tuned.


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