iPhone in Canada and other Tech News

Here's my early afternoon roundup of some of the news I've found interesting to me

-Canadians are going to have to wait 6-8 months, as Blogger John Wiseman states in his blog HERE. Since there's no CDMA version of the iPhone, it's going to most likely go with Rogers, and is going to require a data plan. So some mixed news for Canadians, but at least it's coming.

-Bunch of news in the Aftermath of CES today, with Cisco and Apple slingging mud over the iPhone trademark, a really nice looking LG phone, the Shine, on Engadget and they even have some demos of IPTV over the Xbox360 (now that's pretty interesting, no cable or satellite and plenty of HDTV) over there too with pictures.

Overall some pretty cool stuff, I love tech shows, I wish they were in NYC more often. Alright more later,


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