Looking for HDMI cables for your HDTV or PS3?

Most people who have an HDTV or own a PS3 have HDMI ports on their devices. Why is this so important? Well instead of having seperate cables for audio and video, HDMI has both in one. With HDMI you can open up a whole bunch of possibilities, like having hdmi wall plates around the house and linking your devices simply. Or like at CES they had an HDMI cable from a PS3 to an HDTV running 1080p at 60 meters, which is nuts, when using a nice HDMI Equalizer from the guys at TCA, or Techincal Cable Applications.

Here's a pic to show you guys the Equalizer,

Having the right cables and tools can help you get that Home Theater setup right without creating a huge mess of cable, so check out http://www.tca-inc.net/ and browse their extensive catalog. It's not just about buying a big TV when setting up your theater so do it right.



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