Martial Arts Store Opening Up!

My best friend back home, Chris, is a martial art nut who actually knows 6 styles of Kung-Fu and Drunken Boxing to go along with his black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, so he's not a person to mess with. He chose the styles that reflect his heritage, since he's Korean with some Chinese blood. There's a giant increase in buzz on martial arts these days thanks to UFC, which is mixed martial arts. If you've seen the Octagon you know what I mean. People with various styles fight for 3 rounds of 5 mins. Pretty intense. If you're one of those guys interested maybe you should start looking at these Fitness Kickboxing DVD to get into shape first. They're from Martial Arts 3000, a new martial arts online store that's opening on the 15th in a couple days. So take a look, and show them some love.

Enjoy, and don't hurt yourself,


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