Need some help managing your time? Try out this time management software.

I know most people have a basic calender in Microsoft Outlook, but the majority of the people don't use it the way they're supposed to. They keep mismanaging their time, putting off priorities, and scheduling things over other things already planned. That's where this time management software from Effexis comes in to save you. It's got a lot of features that many people just using Outlook could appreciate, like planning out an idea week, putting your priorities in order automatically, estimating completion dates of task, and much more. It's simple enough for the novice, and has enough advanced features to keep the busiest person on track. I've never been one for an agenda, much less a calender, but I'm going to give this a try since it has a Free Trial Version that anyone can download, just based on it's potential.

Give it a shot, can help you stay organized in the New Year.



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