Wednesday News roundup

I'm stuck at the library tonight as my great part-time job of being a student assistant librarian so I might as well go over the news that I find interesting this early evening. Most of it comes from Digg, since you can't beat the power of the masses, but I've a big fan of Ars Technica and one of the articles comes from one of their blogs.

The first is Popular Science's Predictions for 2007, which by the way, is a great read even if you're not a "nerd" or into science that much. They have some great predictions and stories about stem cell research, drinking water and the increased release of methane, which is a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than Carbon Dixode. Really interesting stuff

The second is from the Opposable Thumbs blog, where they examine the viability of using Blu-Ray as a storage medium on the PS3. Everyone knows Blu-Ray holds 25gb on a single disc, but the drive is only rated for 2x, which means it only transfers at 9mb/sec, whereas the "slow" 12x DVD drive on the Xbox360 reads at 16mb/sec. Makes you wonder why they chose to do this, basically forces you to preload a game. Check it out for more, don't wanna rewrite the article :)

The last is from an interview of the Firefox creator Blake Ross at Pretty interesting article if you're into software and/or web browsers. I currently use all 3 depending on what I feel like or what I want to do. It's always nice to see 2 rival camps play nice.

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