News in the Next Generation DVD Format War

Wow it seems like things must be brewing in the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray camps after today's double announcements of a Double Format DVD player from LG and a new Disc that holds both formats on one disc. has a story on the new Warner Total DVD that has both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray formats on one disc, which can help consumers who want to see content on one format and not the other. Pretty good news for now until one format wins but it could be expensive yet useless if one camp dies off.

Same goes for LG's announcement of a Dual Format Player, as seen from the press release on, it could be good, but we'll have to see what the consumers decide eventually.

I'm probably going with a PS3, so I give in to them, but I would like to see something where both camps player nice as well,

More later (I swear I post up news/pictures tonight of the Holidays)


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