SpoofCard - Change your voice and their caller ID display

I think this is actually a good service that many people can use, just hopefully not abuse, where you can actually change the voice and the caller ID of an outgoing call. It's from the guys at www.SpoofCard.com, and they have calling cards that offer you those abilities to make your calls truly private, and bonuses like recording the call and the ability to retrieve a recorded call from anywhere. Yep great for calling some customer service company or maybe that person you dislike.

Here's a list of the features

* Caller ID Spoofing
* Voice Changer
* Call Recording
* Web Control Panel

It's pretty easy and fast to set up, and having a control panel is definitely a bonus. You can really mess people up and call from a woman's voice, or a man's if you choose, for free. I'd get one just for that reason alone, but there's lots of uses for it. Check out their website for more information at www.SpoofCard.com.

Lemme know what you think or what you would do with one of these cards, I've already got plans, lol.



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Anonymous said... 12:21 PM  

Check out the zero group for the best caller id spoofing service on the planet

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Anonymous said... 11:09 AM  

The Zero Group also offers NMAP by phone!

king said... 8:07 AM  

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