16 years later, still no Super Mario Brothers 3 help and CONTEST

Just saw this on Digg, even if it's a stupid post it's pretty funny. Some guy posted for help on Super Mario Brothers 3 16 years ago on usenet and still got no replies. Read it HERE for a quick chuckle, there's a reason why there's no replies for 16 years. If you guys can tell me why someone will win $1 sent via Paypal to them or to the person of their choice.

(Hint : Read Digg)



Posted bySteve at 11:21 PM


Jennifer said... 2:53 AM  

well, I haven't read Digg, but how about because SMB 3 is impossibly easy? Or because World 2 is the desert, and not the land of ice cream and chocolate? LOL, I don't know!

Steve said... 4:42 PM  

LoL nice try, keep guessing, hehe


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