What's beautiful to you?

Normally I don't dwell into fashion topics but being in New York fashion is all around you, everyone has to look nice, everyone has their own sense of style or expression and it's pretty interesting. Well the fashion house, Belisi asks, "What's Beautiful to You?" on their blog, where you have a nice shot at winning a $100 gift card from them. Not too bad for posting your opinion.

My opinion on "What's beautiful to You?" is that the most beautiful people I've seen aren't the supermodels or the hot girls I see around campus all day (they're just hot), nor are they just regular people who go on with their lives being regular people, like the mothers, fathers and children out there. Beautiful to me is those people who go out there and really make an effort to try something new, experiment with themselves, and becoming better people. Sometimes you may mess up and just end up looking "different", but trying new styles, making an effort to have a good fashion sense, and not just like a walking label, is what's beautiful to me.

Everyone has their own tastes in fashion, from the highest levels to the lowest, but it doesn't that you have to not care what you look like. Peter Belisi's brand has a nice brand of accessories to provide the final touch to any good looking wardrobe, with a fine touch of luxury. It may not be your thing, but it is really nice stuff,

Nice and casual, which can appeal to various people, and that's what I like. What's beautiful to you? How you dress like? Post and discuss,


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