Afternoon Digg Roundup

Yep it's that time again, a quiet, snowy afternoon in Brooklyn and no class until the evening, leaving me to surf the net and post my favorite news from around. There's a good variety of articles on Digg, from Ubuntu to STD vaccine's, so I'll post my 2 favorite pieces for the afternoon.

The first is from, and it speaks about 10 states making it mandatory for girls to take an STD Vaccine against HPV. Pretty interesting debate being sprung up, is it worth to force all the girls to take it, or make it a choice and worry about the consequences if they contract it somehow still. Personally I'm all for the vaccine being mandatory, but I understand how some people could object.

The second is for gamers via, which is a large gaming portal, and it asks the question, How Would You Fix Xbox Live?". I'm not on Xbox Live due to the connection at my dorm, but I don't think there's that much to fix, it's pretty much the best online multiplayer network amoung the 3 consoles, and they're always updating it and bringing more content so I don't have much to bitch about. Anyone have any gripes?

Then here's a little add-on for Firefox users. IF you have to access an FTP, why not have better management through Firefox? There's a nice Add-on called FireFTP, and it could make life simpler for those webmasters. I'll give it a run through tonight and post some thoughts,

Alright enough for now, post your comments and thoughts as always,


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