3GSM underway, coverage at EngadgetMobile

I'm a big fan of cell phones, and happening this week is the 3GSM conference, in Barcelona, Spain. I've actually been to the area where the conference is being held, and it's beautiful, which is a nice way to show off all those beautfiul phones.

There's a lot of news coming out of there, raging from the release of Windows Mobile 6 OS for smartphones, to bunch of new phone releases, and pretty much everything in between. Some of my favorite phones released so far are the Samsung Ultra F700, which I mentionned before, the Nokia 6111 with the built in GPS and the Toshiba G900, with Tri-Band HSDPA, so I can get High-speed around the world.

Engadgetmobile has all the 3GSM coverage HERE and if you're into cell phones, it's a link you don't want to miss.



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