Ever wanted to organize your collections? Now you can with iTaggit

If you were like me, I had a bunch of things I collected as a kid, whether it be hockey cards, Magic The Gathering, Marvel Action Figurines and etc. Now I've grown a bit, and so have the items I've made Collectibles out of, things like Final Fantasy video games (I own every Playstation 1 and 2 FF), Lord of the Rings, my Terry Goodkind and Terry Brooks collections. You guys get the idea but what happens when your collections total in the thousands, how do you manage all those things? Well that's where iTaggit comes in, it's a web-based item management system that can help you organize, store and catalog nearly every item you own. That allows you to keep track of all your collections of various items. This can enable you to build a community based on your products, research the products others have and you don't and enjoy your stuff more since you don't have to spend so much time organizing it. Sounds like a great tool for those antique, or card collectors, I just wish I had a bigger collection to add to it.

I didn't mention the best part, iTaggit is free, that way you get to organize your things without have to pay anything and since it's web-based you can manage it anywhere, even on the go or at a trade show. Can't go wrong with that? Try it out at www.iTaggit.com and let me know what you think.

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