Another interesting idea out of Payperpost - Review My Post

If there's one great thing about Payperpost that I've come to love after blogging for them over the last 6 months is that they're always looking for ways to get bloggers involved and advertisers to get their money's worth. This is really one of the reasons why they're the pioneers in blog marketing and continue to lead the pack in that regard, which they got an AlwaysOn Top 100 award.

This time they're brining a new feature called Review My Post. It's a program where every time someone signs up on Payperpost they can review a post on my blog, and they can get paid for it and you get referral money for it. You earn traffic and profit, a sure fire way to get more visitors and earn a bit of money on the side while doing it. It's great for all the bloggers who don't feel like doing sponsored posts on products or services. All it takes is a simple badge at the end of their post, nothing ridiculous or a whole bunch of links everywhere.

I'm going to start giving it a shot, since it's new and maybe I'll earn something through it. I'll let you know what I think about it, but until then, you can always click on the big button on the side :)



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