9 HP Company Secrets via The Consumerist

I don't hate HP, but I just love the stuff you see coming out of former employee's when they leave their jobs. There's a pretty interesting interview with a former CSR at HP, and he goes over 9 company secrets/things they don't want you to know about over at The Consumerist. There's even a quote about Canada being not worth the marketing effort, that's always great, since HP's got a nice office in Montreal.

Here's the most interesting quote

9: In training our trainer said that if it takes longer than 30 minutes to troubleshoot (low end printer) we are then costing HP money and should just replace it.

So if the average retail of a printer is 70-80$ then the cost to hp should be half so that means that these CSR's make around 15-20 an hour, not too shabby, but interesting that they would just replace it instead of trying to fix it with the customer.

Alright more interting things later,


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