Belisi - Take off the tie Campaign

I'm personally not a big fan of ties, especially ugly old man ties that people sometimes seem to wear. I bought my last tie at Express, and it's a nice Blue/Black, very nice and it's versitile enough to be worn in many occasions. However I've seen an emergance of fashion ties, where people where ugly ties with stupid outfits. Look at this "design", someone wasn't thinking hard enough.

The colors don't go with the outfit, nor does the dress, but still, terrible accesory. Well with the Belisi Take off that Tie Campaign you can participate you can post your own photos of a tie that should've been left on the rack, or in this case, left at the design house. Check out their MySpace page to see other pictures like mine, and even mine, since I'm on MySpace.

I'll post a pic of my tie later, trust me, looks ten times better than that one,


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