Personal Debate - Vista or not?

I'm just talking to a friend over here, and since I've been looking at a lot of news, reviews and general stories about Vista, I'm wondering, should I upgrade? There's a lot of pro's and con's, and I'm beyond the requirements for Home Premium, so would it be worth it for me to pick up an upgrade copy?

Anyone else have these thoughts? Anyone sticking with XP for a long time to come? I wonder what's the opinions of the masses, most don't have a nice rig like I do, but for those with the requirements for Aero and with a decent recently purchased PC, what are you going to do?

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Posted bySteve at 2:10 PM


Lisa said... 5:17 PM  

I am staying with XP. I am afraid of all the bugs Vista will probably have.

Steve said... 11:39 AM  

I'm not afraid of the bugs but in terms of gaming performance and compatibility with 64-bit applications. I might give the 30 day "trial" a shot then see if it's worth it.

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