Different spin on things - Free Dating Site for Valentines Day

The Internet's traffic comes and goes with the season and the changes in the real world. Like right now, it's nearly Valentine's Day, and for most single people, they're looking for a date to take out. That's why when a site promoting free online dating comes around it's something to look into. They don't ever require credit cards and they're trying to build a high quality site to help those people who just can't find a date. I work on Valentine's Day so I might not be able to go out :( But I'll prolly have a beer and share my misery with my friends. Here's their logo, very nice and Web 2.0 ish

Enjoy the site and let me know how you guys like it, I might try it out when I give up on this girl I'm talking to right now, lol.

More later,


Posted bySteve at 7:39 PM


Anonymous said... 6:59 AM  

Hi buddy. the site is nice. I found another free dating site you maight find interesting. it's called www.gofishdating.com. it's not as good looking as yours but it's free and has many profiles

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