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I know programming may be a lonely profession but if you need help there's always some help involving programming at Dream.In.Code. They've got 20,000 members in their community of coders, from web languages such as Java, PHP, Perl down to the classics of C/C++, Visual Basic, and more. They offer their visitors free access to not only code snippets, tutorials but they offer visitors free programming magazines such as Dr.Dobbs and Queue. Check them out, they have an active forum where any member with 500 post gets a free t-shirt. Pretty sweet, and they got contests this month to celebrate their 6th anniversary, which is on Februrary 28th, where you can win prizes such as the 1gb Thumb Drive they give away each month.

If you're a coder, programmer, web design, etc, check Dream.In.Code out, it's a great ressource.


Posted bySteve at 9:24 PM


Frank said... 3:29 PM  

Hey a fellow montrealer! I dont come across a lot of those on the blogosphere! ;)

Go Habs Go! :D

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