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Tonight I'm going to take it on a different course as I sit here listening to music on my computer and all this talk about digitally purchased music vs traditional store bought material vs illegally downloaded songs. I'm listening to the tracks on my computer, and I realize that nearly 90% I've never purchased, probably even more, yet there's a song that I have and that I own, which made me think.

Am I wrong for all this music? Back in the day everyone had tapes and recordings, and now it's digital so everyone has CD's and MP3's. But for one it's a) Way too easy to get all this music and b) I wouldn't be listening to most of this stuff anyways if it weren't free. So that leaves the RIAA in a problem about revenue, since there are millions like me right now. People like me won't buy music, so how are they going to get revenue from all the people with collections like me? Are they going to tax or charge the digital players such as iPods and etc? Or are they going to get money from advertising or other means? Any other way they can monetize this where someone like me would feel like I'm getting my money's worth?

Discuss your thoughts.


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