Looking for online games to kill time at work? Try Cafe.com

I know there's a ton of free flash sites with a bunch of free random games out there. Sure they may be free but they're not the greatest nor are they always fun. Well the guys at Cafe.com have launched a platform just to change that. Instead of the regular type of site like this the premise at Cafe.com is that they're going to make the games social, by playing with a community, with avatars and etc. They're going to have a coin based economy for their premium games, where you can either earn coins, you get 500 to start up with, or buy coins to earn power ups and things in those premium games. I'm sure there's a time when you'd pay a dollar to get that item you needed.

I like the direction these guys are headed with this concept, since it allows you to be more interactive than your basic free games. Java and flash games may be nice, but I think having a multiplayer platform for these games will be the way to go. I already enjoy playing games on Windows Live Messenger with my contacts, and this is the next step. Not everyone has the time to sit down with their PS2, Xbox360 or their PC and play the latest gen and have all the multiplayer goodness that comes with those games so this seems like a good way to let everyone enjoy it. They're in beta so things are looking up, so give them a shot and let me know.



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