Lack of updates, I know, however good news at Best Buy tomorrow!

I know I've been slacking on my posting, I'm sorry, but I've had some track meets (posted on the Sports Blog) and real life unexpectedly come in the way. Yesterday I had to help the kids so I was unfortunately unable to post some news for you guys. It's been slow, no major announcements, no big deals, so I haven't had that much to rush here, however, this next piece might spike your interests.

Bestbuy, yep the store with the big yellow tags, is having a $1.99 video game clearance tomorrow on many games, yes you heard me, $1.99. It's only going to be on Monday so you gotta act quick. Someone on the IGN Forums posted the complete list, which I got off Digg, so if you see anything you like, go for it.

Enjoy the tips!


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