Nvidia crapping on Microsoft Vista for nForce users

I'm an nForce4 user (DFI Lanparty NF4 Ultra) and have generally kept up with the drivers since I like keeping my comp up to date but after hearing these allegations on the Aggravated Gamers Blog I'm not too happy. Seems like nVidia hasn't released any drivers for nforce boards (4,5,6 included), and that they've stopped supported nForce 1,2 and 3 boards. My nforce 2 at home is QUITE capable of running Vista, great job on the support nVidia. Maybe I should go back to ATi, it's just too bad the ATi motherboards weren't up to par until now, seems like I might have to make a switch.

Anyways visit the blog and post your opinion, should nVidia support the older users, and why haven't they released proper drivers?


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