Cell Phone users: Do you have the right plan?

I can't believe how people go over their minutes every month with their $20 or $30 plan. They think that they're going to save money when they pick the lowest monthly plans but then they have a couple of months when they go over the alloted minutes. That's how the cell phone companies get you, because if you go over your alloted minutes, it's easily upwards of 30 cents extra per minute over, and that can be quite costly. I've seen it happen to friends, and they think, next month I won't go over, and yet, it keeps happening.

Maybe these guys should take a look at the plans at Wirefly. They've got all the plans from all the major cell phone providers, such as my favorite T-Mobile (most minutes per $$), Verzion, Cingular, Sprint, etc, so that you can choose what's convenient for you. Let's say you get a cheaper $30 plan on T-Mobile and go over your 300 minutes, where a $40 plan on T-Mobile gives you 600 minutes, and free nights to go along with the free weekends. It's a no-brainer if you're choosing your plan. Some people don't have this which is why Wirefly has a bunch of resources to help you out. They even got a free convenient wireless wizard tool to help you pick the right plan for you by allow you to compare cell phone plans fromm all the providers, based on your preferences. This could help you down the road where it's worth it to pay 5 or 10 dollars more per month than 50-60 in overages.

I'm not one who ever goes over my minutes, even during the summer or the times when I don't have school, but for the business or busy person out there, then I'd recommend having a decent plan with enough minutes. You don't want to shoot yourself in the foot later after you've signed your contract for 2 years and have to pay extra per month for no reason.

Anyone else have horror stories about going over their minutes, I don't wanna mention names but I've just seen stupid people do it over and over again, maybe some place like Wirefly can help them. Post your stories and comments.


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